Terms & conditions & houserules

General cancellation policy
Reservations which are guaranteed by credit card can be cancelled free of charge up to 18:00pm on the day of arrival. In case of a no show or a cancellation after 18:00pm on the day of arrival, the first night will be charged.

In case you do not own a credit card, the hotel will guarantee the reservation until 18:00 P.M. on the day of arrival. If you have not yet checked in after 18:00 P.M. we reserve the right to resell your reserved room without prior notice.

Payment policy applicable to groups
Payments can be done in advance by either bank or credit card. With group bookings full payment is required no later than 48 hours prior to the group’s arrival date.

Only in exceptional cases do we allow payments on account. Written permission from our reservation department is needed in advance. If such permission is given, then payment must be done within 15 days of your guest’s or group’s departure date.

Group reservations
In case of a group cancellation the following penalties apply.Payment charts

The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry(UVH) apply to all agreements entered. You will find this agreement here, UVH Shanghai Hotel Holland. In addition, the UVH are available for inspection at our reception. The UVH are binding for everyone who uses our services.

Within the Shanghai Hotel Holland houserules apply to all our customers and any persons who enter the hotel, here you will find our general houserules. Houserules Shanghai Hotel Holland We kindly thank for accepting and respecting this rules.